Gibsons Jigsaws April 2022

April is a exciting time for new jigsaws as lots of companies release their spring designs. In this blog we are taking a look at the new puzzles from Gibsons Jigsaws.  With new design from the traditional Gibsons range we know and love, as well as the more modern White Logo Collection.   Artwork from seasoned artists Terry Harrison and Linda Jane Smith also Gibsons first jigsaw from Elizabeth Blustin.  From Jane Austen to golf courses there is plenty to choose from below.


Great Ormond Street Hospital - 1000 Pieces

The Great Ormond Street jigsaw from Gibsons highlights the incredible work of the hospital since its opening in 1875. With over 600 children and young people arriving everyday the battle against the most complex child illnesses is constant. The artist of this Jigsaw Richard Argent has drawn this piece as a tribute to the doctors and nurse who treated him when he was seriously ill as a child.   

Great Ormond Street Hospital - 1000 Pieces|Gibsons Jigsaws


Gibsons Book Blub Jane Austen – 1000 Pieces

Gibsons Book Club celebrates outstanding literature this time from Jane Austen. With scenes from Jane’s hugely successful novels exploring themes of love and betrayal set in an array of different settings. This Gibson jigsaw collects the most memorable moments of Jane’s career in a brilliantly illustrated montage.

Book Club: Jane Austen - 1000 Pieces|Gibsons Jigsaws


St Andrews - 636 Pieces

This jigsaw from Terry Harrison is a beautiful 636 piece puzzle of of St Andrews, the home of golf.  With its wide fairways and stunning historical buildings, the Old Course a great jigsaw for any golf fan. 

St Andrews - 636 Pieces|Gibsons Jigsaws


Be Kind To Your Mind – 500 Pieces

With its minimalist design and important message Be Kind To Your Mind is a big reminder to take care of yourself. As part of Gibson's contemporary range this jigsaw brings a fresh perspective with modern colours and patterns.

Be Kind to Your Mind - 500 Pieces Gibsons Jigsaws


Neal’s Yard - 1000 PiecesI

In a colourful corner of London’s Covent Garden Neal’s Yard is a full of independent shops and food stops. Hand drawn from Elizabeth Blustin this jigsaw looks amazing. As Gibsons newest artist we are looking forward to seeing what new designs she brings in the future.

Neal's Yard - 1000 Pieces|Gibsons Jigsaws


Tail Of Two Chippys – 636 pieces 

Linda Jane Smith is back with her unique style combining dogs and cats with detailed design here with the Tail of Two Chippys. A comical scene showing what a chip shop would look like in the world of cats and dogs. If you are a fan of Linda’s design or looking for something a bit different from your usual this is for you. 

Tail of Two Chippys - 636 Pieces|Gibsons Jigsaws


Just Like Us – 1000 pieces 

This carnival themed jigsaw is a celebration of equality and inclusivity within our society today. Just Like Us is a charity aimed at young people with their primary goal being to support schools. They help by creating groups that are safe and social where pupils can talk about themselves or ask questions on how to make schools more inclusive for all.  Full of colour this jigsaw will be great fun to piece together.

Just Like Us - 1000 Pieces|Gibsons Jigsaws

Brilliant Bees – 1000 pieces

While they may be small, These bees are certainty mighty. In this jigsaw spring has sprung with some of the most common bees you can spot in the British countryside however the twenty four bees here isn’t even ten percent of bees that call the UK home. From the honeybee to the red tailed bumblebee there is lots to learn in this jigsaw.

Brilliant Bees - 1000 Pieces|Gibsons Jigsaws

A great set of new jigsaws from Gibsons for April. you find these jigsaws as well as over 1500 more titles at The Yorkshire Jigsaw Store. we have more blogs for you to read on our website and hope to see you back here again goodbye for now.