New Falcon De Luxe April 2022

Now that April is here there are five new Falcon De Luxe 1000 piece jigsaws. With two new Jan Van Haasteren jigsaws coming out a few weeks ago Jumbo have followed excellently with these new Jigsaws. From dogs to steam engines there is something here for all. Take a look below!




The Queens's Platinum Jubilee - 1000 piece

In honour of Her Majesty the Queen becoming the first British monarch to reach a Platinum Jubilee on the 6th of February 2022, Falcon de luxe has releasing a stunning 1000 piece commemorative jigsaw puzzle, 'The Queen's Platinum Jubilee', which is part of the Falcon Nostalgia puzzle theme. This patriotic image features Her Majesty in the royal carriage as part of a joyous parade outside Buckingham Palace. The entire Queen's Guard stands tall in their uniform of bearskins and red tunics as loyal well-wishers gather to celebrate this momentous occasion.

The Transport Museum -1000 piece

Enjoy a day out at The Transport Museum with vehicles for everyone to marvel at from trams to TVRs there is something here for all the family.

Flight Over Dover – 1000 piece

With the superb Supermarine Spitfire providing escort for the Lancaster flying back home over the white cliffs with Falcon's excellent quality this jigsaw will look brilliant.

Puppies In The Garden – 1000 piece

Puppies playing in a summery scene if you’re a dog lover this is a great jigsaw for you. If you are a fan of Debbie Cook style this is another fantastic design from her.

Steam Engine Rally – 1000 piece 

Set in the beautiful British countryside a celebration of steam powered engines here at the steam gala with trains and tractors full of colour there is plenty to keep a eye on in this puzzle.

Another beautiful collection for April from Falcon,  which one is your favourite? If you want to see our full Falcon De Luxe range click here. Thank you for reading todays blog we have other blogs about all things jigsaws here.