Queens Platinum Jubilee Jigsaws

With The Queens Platinum Jubilee fast approaching we thought we would share with you the exciting new range of jigsaws in celebration of this historic event. Here are some of the wonderful new Limited Edition Jigsaws firstly from Gibsons.


Happy and Glorious - 1000 piece

This jigsaw has a collection of all things Royal from corgis to castles, Happy and Glorious is the perfect jigsaw to commemorate the Queen and her many years of service.

Happy and Glorious  - 1000 Pieces|Gibsons Jigsaws

Our Glorious Queen – 1000 Pieces 

This collage puzzle celebrates the queens incredible life with countless memorable events such as her wedding day up to the diamond jubilee and many more. 

Our Glorious Queen - 1000 Pieces|Gibsons Jigsaws

Royal Celebrations - 4x500 piece

With four 500 piece jigsaws all with amazing designs each jigsaw shows an event taking place over the four day holiday including The Epsom Derby and the Party At The Palace. 

Royal Celebrations - 4 x 500 Pieces |Gibsons Jigsaws


Buckingham palace lifting the lid – 1000 piece

This comical entry from Andy Tudor, is a great design with lots of details showing the inner working of the palace.

Lifting the Lid - Buckingham Palace - 1000 Pieces |Gibsons Jigsaws

Happy Days No 4 Royal Residence – 4x500 piece

With four iconic Royal Residences these jigsaws all capture the wonder of theses buildings with beautiful garden scenery these puzzles are a great way to spend a few afternoons during the celebrations.

Happy Days No 4 Royal Residences - 4 x 500 Pieces|RavensburgerJigsaws

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – 1000 piece

In honour of Her Majesty the Queen becoming the first British monarch to reach a Platinum Jubilee on the 6th of February 2022, Falcon de luxe has releasing a stunning 1000 piece commemorative jigsaw puzzle, 'The Queen's Platinum Jubilee', which is part of the Falcon Nostalgia puzzle theme. This patriotic image features Her Majesty in the royal carriage as part of a joyous parade outside Buckingham Palace. The entire Queen's Guard stands tall in their uniform of bearskins and red tunics as loyal well-wishers gather to celebrate this momentous occasion.

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee - 1000 Pieces|Yorkshire Jigsaw Store

Thank you for reading this blog celebrating The Queens Platinum Jubilee. We wish you a Happy Jubilee.