Wasgij Puzzles

Wasgij Puzzles

For those of you that don’t know about the hugely popular Wasgij puzzle range we have put together a small guide for you.  WASGIJ is jigsaw spelt backwards and the puzzles offer an interesting take on the standard traditional jigsaw puzzle.   The puzzle that you have to piece together are different to the images shown on the box and you have to use your imagination to complete the jigsaw.

First manufactured by Jumbo Games in 1997 the Wasgij puzzles have become the UK’s number one leading puzzle range.  Starting with the Wasgij Original series there are now a few further variations on the puzzle concept.

  • Wasgij Original
  • Wasgij Destiny
  • Wasgij Mystery
  • Wasgij Christmas
  • Wasgij Retro

Wasgij Original

Wasgij Original is the brainteaser puzzle that requires a bit of imagination and maybe a few clues to complete the puzzle.  The puzzler has to put themselves in the position of a character that appears on the front of the box.  They then have to imagine what that person is seeing and that is the puzzle that you need to put together.  In the Car Boot Capers jigsaw pictured below you would have to take guess at what the People at the car boot can see and go from there!

Wasgij Original 35 - Car Boot Capers |Yorkshire Jigsaw Store

Wasgij Destiny

The second of Jumbo’s Wasgij themes is “Wasgij Destiny”.  This is based on a Time Travelling concept where the puzzler has to imagine what the character and scene would look like in the modern day.  Below we have Highway Hold-Up.

Wasgij Destiny 21 - Highway Holdup |Yorkshire Jigsaw Store

Wasgij Mystery

The Wasgij Mystery concept gets the puzzler to imagine what is going to happen to the characters in the next few minutes based on the scene in the image.  All seems well in Birthday Surprise but how long for?

Wasgij Mystery 16 Birthday Surprise - 1000 Pieces|Wasgij puzzles

Wasgij Christmas

Wasgij Christmas follows the Original concept with a Christmas twist.  You have to see what Santa sees to complete the puzzle! Use your imagination to figure out what's going on in Elf Inspection.

Wasgij Christmas 17 Elf Inspection! - 1000 Pieces|Yorkshire Jigsaw Store

Wasgij Retro

Jumbo have been releasing Wasgij Retro puzzles over the last couple of years to give collectors a chance to complete their collections.  These puzzles are based along the various different themes.  Time Travel back to where it all began with this Wasgij.

Wasgij Retro Destiny 5 Time Travel! - 1000 Pieces|Yorkshire Jigsaw Store


The list of the current 2022 Wasgij Puzzles available is below 

Wasgij Original 33 Calm on the Canal -  19173
Wasgij Original 34 A Piece of Pride!  - 19181
Wasgij Original 35 Car Boot Capers! - 19184
Wasgij Original 36 New Year Resolutions! - 25000
Wasgij Original 37 Holiday Fiasco! - 25004
Wasgij Original 38 Market Meltdown! - 25010
Wasgij Original 39 Chinese New Year! - 25011
Wasgij Destiny 20 The Toy Shop!  - 19171
Wasgij Destiny 21 Highway Hold-Up! - 19180
Wasgij Destiny 22 Trip to the Tip! 25001
Wasgij Destiny 23 Theme Park Thrills!  25005
Wasgij Destiny 24 Business as Usual! 25013
Wasgij Mystery 18 Grabbing A Quick Bite!  19179
Wasgij Mystery 19 Bingo Blunder! 19182
Wasgij Mystery 20 Mountain Mayhem! 25002
Wasgij Mystery 21 Trouble Brewing! 25006
Wasgij Mystery 22 Wasgij Winter Games! 25012
Wasgij Retro Original 5 Late Booking! 25007
Wasgij Retro Destiny 5 Time Travel! 25008
Wasgij Retro Mystery 5 Sunday Lunch! 25009
Wasgij Retro Original 6 Blooming Marvellous!  25014
Wasgij Retro Destiny 6 Child's Play!  25015
Wasgij Retro Mystery 6 Camping Commotion!  25016

To enjoy the full current range of Wasgij Puzzles available in 2022 please visit our site The Yorkshire Jigsaw Store