What kind of personality does your jigsaw tactics reveal?

Researchers at University of Bath have discovered that people approach doing jigsaws in different ways.

This can cause conflict whilst the puzzle is ongoing, leading to someone actually ‘winning’, by finding and adding the final piece!

Is there such a thing as jigsaw rage?

The study into collaboration said people ranged from ‘border obsessives’ to ‘opportunistic’ jigsaw puzzlers.

The research has shown that people tackle jigsaws in different ways, which can show your personality type in more community or business like scenarios.

Who knew that such extreme behaviours as players not allowing their fellow players to touch their part of the jigsaw or hiding key pieces are such tactics that have been identified.

Other tactics such as  hiding completed parts of the puzzle and hoarding pieces for future positioning were also prevalent in the research.

From the ‘hoarder’ to the ‘border obsessives’ who had to complete the complete external edges before they could move on.

In contracts to these players are those known as ‘opportunists’ who take a more creative approach  by looking at the image as a whole and completely major areas of the puzzle  as they work around it.

This technique was identified as a success by the opportunists, particularly when completing a puzzle solo.

Dr Hilary Johnson from the Human and Computer Interaction Laboratory at the University. said: “We are most interested in how both the activity and people’s behaviour changes when they collaborate on an activity.

“A person’s jigsaw strategy closely reflects both their personality and level of skill, and although they may not be as extreme as opportunist or border obsessive, they frequently share behaviour with one of these two extremes.”

So what are your characteristics?  Hoarder, border obsessive or opportunist?

 We would love to know, please share and let’s see what our jigsaw puzzle community make of all of this! To get in some practise, please select one of our 2000 jigsaws from our web shop or our actual store in Easingwold. North Yorkshire.