JVH Wild Water Rafting - 3000 Pieces

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Product Brand : Jumbo
Pieces:  3000
Age:  Adult
Size:  122cm x 85cm
Artist:  Jan van Haasteren
MPN:  19017


JVH Wild Water Rafting 3000

Jan van Haasteren's 'Wild Water Rafting' is a fantastic, brightly coloured 3,000 piece jigsaw puzzle with plenty to look out for in the highly detailed puzzle image.

If you look carefully at the puzzle image you will get a taste for Jan's uniquely brilliant sense of humour that depicts an extremely chaotic white water rapid adventure, that is being 'enjoyed' by far too many sailors who are busy bouncing off the each other's brightly coloured inflatable rafts, rubber dinghy's, canoes and even a submarine… There's not only plenty to piece together of what is happening in the water, but if you look on the rocks and shore either side you'll spot some amusing illustrations such as a Gorilla trying to coach a hiker across a fallen tree, an upset father Bear confronting some rafters and many more.
If this little taste of what is included in the puzzle image is to your liking, then this 3,000 piece puzzle will keep you entertained.

What is most noticeable in this hilarious jigsaw puzzle is the extremely high level of detail and use of colours to make this puzzle even better. If you are already a fan of Jan van Haasteren's you will probably be looking for Jan's trademark - the shark's fin - featured in all of his puzzles. You will also see other of Jan's favourites - Saint Nicholas, The Hands and The Dentures all feature in this puzzle. If you have not done a puzzle of Jan's before, be sure to look out for all of these things - you will find them in most of his images.

Jan van Haasteren has been creating amusing drawings exclusively for Jumbo for several decades. His drawings have a distinctive, easily recognisable, style - humorous images, hilarious situations and far more people than you would ever expect to see in a jigsaw puzzle!

The completed puzzle measures 122x85cm (approximately) and has been produced using a high quality cardboard to ensure all the jigsaw pieces maintain their original shape time and time again. With the use of Jumbo's precision cutting techniques, each jigsaw piece will fit seamlessly together to create a poster-like finish for you.

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