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Wasgij Original 40 25th Anniversary Garden Party - 1000 Pieces

Stock Status: In Stock
Make:  Jumbo
Age:  Adult
Pieces:  1000
Size:  69cm x 48cm
Artist:  James Alexander
MPN:  25019

Wasgij Original 40 25th Anniversary Garden Party - 1000 Pieces
by WASGIJ​​​​​​​

Wasgij, produced and manufactured by Jumbo Games, is the UK’s number one adult jigsaw puzzle range. Did you know Wasgij is jigsaw spelt backwards and is pronounced ‘Woz-gidge’.

This was not an ‘overnight’ success story, but a brand which has been increasing in popularity since it first came to market in 1997. The Wasgij range has a different set of rules when it comes to jigsaws, instead of following tradition and asking puzzlers to piece together the same image as that printed on the box, Wasgij truly broke the mould, by challenging puzzlers to use their imagination!

There are four different concepts in the current Wasgij range. They are very different from each other, but with one common theme, the picture on the box is not the picture you will be puzzling!

The first concept, released in 1997, was Wasgij Original, the brainteaser puzzle that requires puzzlers to use their imagination (and a few clues provided) to put themselves in the position of a particular character that appears in the picture shown on the box. Once the puzzler has done this, they need to imagine what that character is looking at in front of them, that is the image they must piece together. The addictive concept is designed to keep the puzzler guessing right up until they have completed the puzzle and is the reason why Wasgij is the brand it is today.

Wasgij Destiny is the ‘Time Travelling’ concept where puzzlers must use their imagination to piece together what they think the scene and characters shown on the box will look like in the modern day.

Wasgij Mystery is the one where puzzlers have to use their imagination and piece together what will happen within the next few minutes to the characters shown in the box image.

Wasgij Christmas follows the Wasgij Original concept, where you have to use your imagination to piece together what the characters in the scene printed on the box are looking at.

Here, at The Yorkshire Jigsaw Store, we stock these very popular 1000 piece puzzles. We endeavour to stock as many of the range as we can, and are always amazed at how quickly any new releases sell. If you want a new challenge, and think you can use your imagination without relying on a box image, this is the puzzle brand for you!

69cm x 48cm
James Alexander
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